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SWIM SPA FITNESS: a solution to combine well-being and Sport

What if you were told that you do not have to choose between well-being and fitness?

Swim spa Dual Zone

After a hard day’s work, who has not dreamed of having a swim spa at home big enough to swim and get a good massage after ?

A Swim spa Dual Zone allows you to combine sport and well-being. Indeed, its length which varies from 4 to 10 meters, coupled with a system of swimming against the current, makes it possible to indulge in the joys of swimming or water aerobics.

After your work out, you can relax your muscles in warm water and enjoy the hydromassage for deep relaxation. Much more practical to install than a swimming pool, it finds its place easily in your home, as well on your terrace, your garden or inside your home

It is a practical solution to relax and ensure your fitness.