Foam and bubbles can be great fun to have in the bath but when it comes to a hot tub or spa, FOAM IS BAD. (just so you understand).

The foam and/or bubbles are caused by the water being thick or ‘saturated’ with particles. Then you come along, ready for your therapeutic water massage, turn all the jets on and up to full. The jets cause tiny bubbles to form which these particles then stick to, causing foam to appear. These particles can be from a number of things, such as:

  • Cheap low quality chemicals or by adding too many chemicals
  • Spilt drinks
  • Makeup
  • Hair care products such as shampoo, hair spray, gel etc.
  • Body lotions
  • Soap

Most cases of foaming occurring stems from owners not understanding fully that the only things that should go in to their hot tub are themselves, quality chemicals and water. A very easy and simple rule to follow to help reduce foaming happening is to shower before you get in the tub.

Now that we’ve established what causes hot tub foaming, here are a few ways to try and fix the problem.

First of all, the most direct fix. Drain it. Completely drain the tub and thoroughly clean it. This way you’re starting again from scratch with fresh water.

The second option is to use an Antifoam, However, be aware, this is a temporary fix. Something for when you’re having a party and just need to get rid of the foam quickly. This is not meant to be used to solve the problem in the long run. We stock one called ’Antifoam` (I know, we really thought hard on the name) which is Grade A and is very effective. To use, just add a little bit of it directly in to the foaming area and it will work instantly completely removing the foam.

If your water is cloudy please see our guide on dealing with a cloudy hot tub.